API Integration

Add Power To Your Business With Our API Integration

Integrate your eCommerce store with your TRUXCARGO account and process all orders from one single platform. Sync the inventory and catalog from your website to receive all incoming orders into the panel.


Quick and easy way of
API Integration

Steps Of Integration

As per the business needs depending upon the scale and automation which one wants to achieve, classification among APIs are being done,i.e. Must To Have and Can Have

1. Check the pin-code serviceability

API to check whether the pincode for delivery address is serviceable or not.

2. Warehouses locations

Pickup location are required to be created from where pickup has to be done. One time pickup location can also be created through Warehouse creation API.

3. Order creation

The soft data of the shipment needs to be pushed to Truxcargo system via Order Creation API. While manifesting the order, waybill can be given in response.

4. Shipping label

The packing slip api provides all information required to be on the shipment packing slip and a client can design it as per the requirement.

5. Create Pickup Request API

Once the order has been created, pickup request to pick the shipment will be done through this API.

6. Track Shipment

Order created in the system can be tracked via tracking API. Waybill will be the required input for this API.

7. Cancel the order

You can use cancellation API, but you have to make sure that the order is in right state in order to be cancelled.

Best practices for developer support

1. Understand the REST URL call whether one is GET or POST

2. In every POST URL, authorization key needs to be passed which is (api-key) i.e., if API Key is 787yguhbhb7755667.

3. Complete testing should be done before moving into production

4. All production REST URLs are similar to TEST URL

5. For all operational queries,drop mail to support@truxcargo.com

6. For all technical queries, drop mail to kavita.sharma@truxcargo.com