Shipping with Direct Logistics Company vs Shipping with Online Logistics Platform

Do you have any idea what a shipping firm does ? The most basic definition of a shipping company is one thst enables the transfer of an item from it's manufacturing location to it's final destination, But there's a log going on in between, and there's a lot more than meets the eye.

"How do I provide the best delivery experience to my customer ?" Is an issue that all online vendors encounter. - All they want is for their goods to reach the buyers safely and bring them all of the satisfaction they anticipate from their purchase.

Shipping with Direct Logistics Company

A method of distributing items directly from the manufacturer to the consumer is known as direct shipment. By removing middlemen, this delivery strategy avoids the concept of a distribution route (wholesaler and retailer).

Direct shipment benefits both the company and the consumer in this technique. It saves the supplier money on transportation and storage. It reduces the product's delivery time and price for the buyer.

As the name implies, direct shipping is a way of sending items directly from the supplier to the buyer. As previously stated, when a product is supplied directly, the seller merely provides the delivery information to the supplier, and the supplier handles the rest. In practise, the goods and shipment will be delivered directly from the factory to the customer, with no stops along the way at a warehouse or other selling facility.

One of the major disadvantage of direct shipping is when you ship directly from the supplier, there is no quality assurance for the products that are shipped to the client. The seller's reputation is constantly on the line in this situation.

Shipping with Online Logistics Platform

The activities involved in keeping and shipping inventory for an online store or marketplace, including inventory management and the picking, packaging, and shipping of online orders, are referred to as online logistics.

With millions of shipments being shipped across the country every day, it's critical that procedures are in place to keep them on track and ensure that they get at their destinations on time.

Online logistics begins with the movement of merchandise from the manufacturer and continues until it reaches the final destination of the end customer. One of the most important aspects of online logistics is digital fulfilment, which includes:

Inventory control is important.

Storage and warehousing

Order fulfilment, also known as order picking, packing, and shipping.

Which is Better?

Shipping through an aggregator allows you to provide an exceptional experience to your users while saving time and effort. For instance, a shipping aggregator that estimates the cheapest shipping cost and matches you with the best shipping partner for your needs. It's a one-stop shop for all of your shipping requirements.

The first thing people look for when starting an online business is cost-effectiveness. They make certain that every service they utilise to conduct business in the market is both cost-effective and efficient for their clients. To succeed in a firm, you must focus on brand expansion, marketing, social media promotions, customer service, and many other aspects. Because there are so many things to remember, most people overlook logistics, which is one of the most important aspects.

The delivery of a company's products is always the most important concern. They are concerned about whether their things will arrive on schedule and in acceptable shape.

Aggregator Companies offers the most comprehensive coverage of wider pin codes, as well as leading carrier partners such as Blue Dart, Ekart, Xpressbees, Delhivery, and others. The shipping costs are greatly reduced. This is because they have a warehouse network that stretches across India, allowing them to keep things near to where my consumers reside. As a result, shipping costs are significantly lower than those charged by direct companies. Customers are delighted with aggregator services because they are considerably cheaper than shipping with direct companies.

There are numerous other advantages to shipping using online logistics platforms, including:

Pin code coverage is the most widespread.

Tracking from a single dashboard

Reducing RTOs and creating NDRs (Non-delivery reports)

Shipping insights and analytics

Incredible client service

Overall business expansion

Final Thoughts

Managing logistics is the most difficult task for any online logistics company, especially in a large country like India. With the improvements in online, the logistics business is also experiencing innovation and integrating technological support to meet such high expectations.

Online buyers can now trace their orders from the time they are dispatched from the factory or warehouse until they arrive at the consignee's address. During weather disruptions such as the rainy season or when large areas are flooded and many bridges are damaged, the task of delivering supplies becomes much more difficult.

Retailers used to get their items from manufacturers or distributors before the introduction of the online businesses. And now that we have a multitude of online stores, the intermediaries have vanished, leaving only the supplier and the end-user to transact directly: C&F (clearing and forwarding agents), distributors, dealers, and retailers have no involvement in this direct selling process.

With these middlemen gone, online delivery has evolved into a highly specialized business, with the majority of it being controlled by companies themselves.