Trux Cargo

How Does Truxcargo work?

When you need to transfer documents or things to a remote location in India over 24500+ pin codes using a courier pick-up service, also known as a logistics company, is a viable alternative. Sending products using a courier service is much less expensive and, in many situations, faster than using the standard mail service.

Logistics companies, or courier services, as they are usually known, play an important part in the economy. They are the foundation of logistics and supply chain management, without which an e-commerce business would struggle to thrive.

Truxcargo, a firm founded in 2018, is one of these firms that provides the best courier services in a timely and cost-effective manner. This article discusses Truxcargo and its various characteristics, as well as why it should be India's preferred logistics service provider. So, let's get started!

Truxcargo for COD orders 

Orders based on location

When a consumer places a COD order and enters her delivery pin code, Truxcargo checks its list of serviceable pin codes to see if the same is available through any courier firm. As a result, the COD as a payment option is either hidden or revealed. Only pre-paid payment options are available to the client if the selected pin code is not functional for COD orders by any of the impanelled courier firms.

Authentication of a COD order

When a consumer puts a COD order, a verification code is created and sent as an SMS to the customer's given mobile phone. This feature aids in the separation of undesired or fraudulent COD orders received by the store. Don't worry, if the COD verification fails for any reason, the order will not be cancelled instead, it will appear in your order panel as pending verification.

Truxcargo for COD/Prepaid Order Processing

How to Select a Shipping Company

This is the point at which the actual magic begins. When the order arrives in your order panel, all you have to do is click on it and designate it as sent. The weight of the shipment is automatically calculated by the system. Provide the volumetric weight if appropriate, and Truxcargo will recommend the cheapest courier business offering COD or non-COD shipping services to that destination. If desired, one can manually overwrite in the Truxcargo system and select another courier firm, as well as manually enter the carrier's name and, if applicable, the Air Way Bill number.

AWB number generation

Truxcargo creates the AWB number and displays it on the screen after a courier firm is chosen. Simultaneously, the AWB number is assigned to the relevant order and appears as a barcode on the shipping label and invoice. The merchant can then print in bulk or one at a time, adhere the shipping label on the box, and place the invoice inside.

Obtaining a Shipping Manifest

The final and most crucial step in shipping your goods is to obtain a shipping manifest. When the courier company's pick-up representative arrives at your warehouse or office to pick up the order, you can print a copy of the shipping manifest, which includes information such as order numbers, AWB numbers, and product information. Following that, the executive must sign the manifest. This is the tangible proof of shipment that is given to the courier.

Status of the Order

After the order is handed over to the courier, the order status in your Truxcargo panel changes from "Ready to Ship" to "Shipped" to "Delivered." Every time a status update is made, a system-generated SMS and email is delivered to the customer, keeping the ordering experience WOW and providing the customer that professional feel. The order can be tracked real time to know where the package has been arrived.

Important Features of Truxcargo

1.    Start shipping the day you go live. 
2.    Invoice and shipping formats that meet the requirements of the courier business and government agencies
3.    Several local and ecommerce-specific logistics partners are shortly to be empanelled after being integrated with over 8 domestic courier businesses.
4.     Manage your eBay and Amazon orders as well.
5.     Amazon India provides certified logistics services.
6.     FedEx, Delhivery, and xpressbees are all integrated to assist your orders.
7.     The most extensive network, with over 24500+ pre-paid and COD pin codes.
8.     Ship your COD orders as well; we'll collect them and refund you. 
9.     Integration of transactional SMS and email.
10.   A single panel to examine all of the customer's order statuses.
11.   Exporting Bulk Orders
12.   Your panel saves all of your shipping history for future reference.

Why choose Truxcargo?

1.    Reliable Delivery

We try our hardest to provide the best delivery services possible so that the product can be delivered safely and on schedule.

2.    Mode of Payment

We provide our consumers with a variety of payment options, including Prepaid, COD, To Pay, and Franchise To Pay.

3.    Efficient Labelling

You may create professional-looking shipping labels for multiple shipments using your brand name.

4.    Accounts Payable

You may quickly examine each transaction's cost data at any moment to get an estimate of how much each shipment will cost.

5.    Remittance of COD funds as soon as possible

With Truxcargo, we send weekly COD remittance, which improves your company's cash flow.

6.    Insurance Coverage

 With Truxcargo, you can ship worry-free since we give maximum insurance coverage for lost and damaged cargo.

7.    Integration with APIs

We offer an API that allows you to process single or bulk shipments on a single platform and track them all.

8.    Excellent Support

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service for all shipping, technical, and other issues.


Truxcargo is a newcomer to the logistic services industry, having only been around for a little over Four years. However, during that time, the company's growth has been exponential.

Furthermore, the founders are well-versed in cutting-edge automation technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The organisation makes considerable use of these technologies to carry out the above-mentioned solid business strategy.

Truxcargo was founded to fill a gap in the market for technology-based logistics, which was woefully lacking among existing Indian enterprises at the time. In the realm of logistics services, it is growing and has a promising future. As a result, we may assume that this organisation will soon become India's best eCommerce delivery partner.