Ways to Make Delivery Service Faster and Reliable

A shipping company will have a variety of services that it offers to its clients. It is important for the company to be able to track and manage these services in order to provide the best possible service for their clients.

Shipping companies need to be able to track and manage the parcel tracking and delivery service that they offer their clients. They need to be able to accurately track the location of their parcels, which can sometimes be difficult with all of the technology available today. They also need a way of managing when parcels are delivered, so that they can make sure they are delivered on time, without any issues or delays.

At Truxcargo we have worked with thousands of clients and met their requirements and delivered the packages on time without any failure. Here in this blog we will understand some of the effective ways and the problem solutions to the packages being delivered successfully on time.

Business Is Affected by Delivery Speed
Any business being big or small the delivery to be there on time and fast delivery is the expectation of every customer. Below are some of the stats that determine the importance of fast delivery.
1.     The shipment speed is fast and having a favourable experience is expected by 62% of customers.
2.     The orders to be delivered to the customers on time with fast speed is around 61% of the customers.
3.     Over 75% of customers want same-day delivery of the package.
4.     For faster delivery, 55% of customers are willing to switch to other businesses.
5.     More than 98 % of customers think for the brand before their delivery.
When it comes to delivering packages, speed and reliability are two of the most important factors. But when people order products online, they often have to wait for a long time before their package arrives. This is especially true for those who live in remote areas.
The good news is that there are some ways to make delivery service faster and more reliable. To compete in the market along with the competitors a proper strategy for having a fast and reliable delivery is a key factor.

Ways to Improve Delivery Speed
Below are some of the ways which help in improving the delivery fast and securely.

1.     Make delivery routes more efficient

To have the deliveries on time the first thing is to optimise the route through which the deliveries will be made and choosing the fastest and cost-effective route is very important. There are different ways to make delivery service faster and more reliable. One of the best ways is to use a fast courier. The fastest couriers are those who deliver by air. It is much more reliable because there is no risk of the package being lost or delayed on its way from one place to another.

Proper calculations and distribution channels should be mapped to have an effective route for delivery. With Truxcargo having efficient route optimisation allow the deliveries to be done time without any delivery increasing the customer satisfaction.
The technology advancement has significantly increased the delivery on time without any misplacement and delays with the use of correct tools including the delivery drivers, fleet managers, and leadership teams, can work more efficiently and effectively.

2.     Make a Proper Strategy
Advance planning and scheduling are crucial for reducing delivery times, as they aid in planning further ahead, which is better for the execution plan.
Having drivers deliver on time assists in encouraging and increasing productivity. This also aids drivers in achieving a suitable work-life balance, resulting in increased productivity at work and improved package delivery on time.

3.     Enable route adjustment in Real Time
In order to respond to changing circumstances, appropriate delivery planning must be completed on time. Every delivery route is unique. When drivers become stopped in traffic, customers are delayed in receiving their orders.
Customers may monitor where the driver is on their route and whether or not the delivery is delayed thanks to Truxcargo's real-time tracking system. The live tracking system allows customers to see where their delivery is in the processing process. This also informs customers about delivery failures and helps keep customer service complaints at a high level of satisfaction.

4.     Set Proper Priorities
It assists in prioritising and properly ordering stops, ensuring that all consumer deliveries are made as fast and efficiently as possible. Setting the priority for stops along the delivery route appropriately is quite important. If a customer requires an urgent delivery, the priority and payment rates for that delivery can be established accordingly. The prices vary depending on whether the delivery is normal or priority.
The zones are divided accordingly, and the drivers are similarly distributed so that the workload is evenly spread. With the advent of technology, Truxcargo adjusts to prioritise route work based on cost and delivery time, and if the drivers modify the route, it can be tracked.

5.     Forward and reverse logistics should be combined
The use of both reverse and forward logistical channels can help to balance trip time. This information is useful in determining the drivers' delivery time and the time they arrive at the customer's location to deliver the products.

Improve your Delivery Time

Simply follow the procedures below:

  • For a more organised method, import all of the data and details into an Excel spreadsheet or other document.
  • Prioritise workloads with the lowest cost and distribute workload evenly across all delivery zones.
  • Properly plan routes and make any required changes to keep clients informed.