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20 Resources That'll Make You Better at Transportation Management

Every day brings new issues for fleet operators, logistics companies, transporters, distributors, third-party logistics organisations, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. As a result, they must take full advantage of any chances to optimise their supply chains.

Utilising the appropriate technology solutions that improve business operations and generate value each day is one of the finest ways to capitalise on changes, possibilities, and difficulties in the transport and logistics industry.Many businesses with simple and complicated logistics operations have discovered the advantages of employing Transportation Management Software (TMS). 

Companies in the transport and logistics sectors can experience flawless logistics management and do business around the world with ease with the correct software in place.

Shippers and transport service providers can also utilise Freight Forwarding Software to increase shipment efficiency, real-time supply chain monitoring, transportation cost reduction, and customer service.

TMS is in charge of four major transportation management processes: planning and decision-making, transportation execution, transportation follow-up, and measurement. TMS will define the most efficient transport schemes based on a set of characteristics that have varying degrees of priority according to the user policy: transportation costs, shorter lead times, fewer stops to ensure quality, and own regrouping coefficient.

Resources That Will Make Transportation Management Better

Among the advantages are:

  • Cost savings via improved route planning, reduced mileage, reduced vehicle wear and tear, and better diver productivity.
  • Because of well-executed delivery, customer service has improved.
  • Related to real tracking and monitoring, data and information are optimised.

TMS MercuryGate

MercuryGate develops transportation management system (TMS) systems that combine modern technology with real-world dynamics. The MercuryGate team continued to add functionality to the core TMS technology and developed its expertise by interacting with other local and international organisations, many of which were huge corporations. Concerning their transportation management requirements. While creating cutting-edge alternatives that successfully combined technology and procedure into effective strategies and solutions. This advising engagement brought the team face to face with a wide range of stakeholders involved in crucial transportation management issues, including prominent shippers, large carriers, and complicated logistics firms from all over the world.

TMS Oracle

Transportation Administration Oracle provides a complete and fully integrated cloud application, platform service, and engineered systems stack. Oracle's manufacturing virtualized and on-premises solutions provide customers with unrivalled deployment flexibility and benefits such as hybrid apps, enhanced security, high reliability, flexibility, energy efficiency, fantastic performance, and low cost of ownership. Oracle's design and numerous operating system alternatives give unrivalled benefits from best-of-breed technologies at every level of the stack for customers who require modular solutions. Customers may use this to create the best optimised infrastructure for their business, both in the web and in the data centre.


JDA Transportation & Logistics Management automatically deploy and optimise the company processes, lowering administrative and operational expenses while boosting productivity and visibility. JDA's simple-to-use solutions swiftly capture and communicate correct information to sharpen decision-making across the supply chain by providing standards throughout your acquisition, planning, execution, and freight audit processes, as well as centralising logistics visibility. JDA lowers the need for regular user overrides by automating day-to-day tactics, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The solutions enable to manage processes using user-defined exceptions and limitations, and they automatically detect and address all simple errors, requiring only the intervention.


The MPO Supply Chain Suite contains the Transportation Management System (TMS) featuring sophisticated capabilities to helps decrease costs, improve operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining all activities of the transport life cycle across different carriers. TMS determines which actions are required to implement an order when it is received. It can also combine certain orders and choose the best carriers. TMS collects progress reports from the specified carriers after delivering the planned orders. TMS provides flexible rate agreement configurations that can record any rate model and enable accruals, invoice matching, and billing.

TMS Descartes

Descartes' next-generation transport management solutions are easy to set up, use, and maintain, provide high value, and facilitate inter-enterprise collaboration between logistics providers. The platform is distinctive in that it has unrivalled connectivity to dozens of transportation companies, built-in mode specific features, integrated private derivative time hire freight forwarding, smooth connectivity with inter customs clearance, and much more. Managing the bought transportation process effectively to decrease complexity, increase control, and lower costs is critical regardless as to whether the distribution network is international or domestic.


To fine-tune transportation planning, SAP Transportation Management System (TMS) correctly forecasts demand and shipment volumes. Improve the management of freight, products that provide, and logistics. Acquire visibility into international and domestic shipments across all forms of transportation and sectors. Analysis of carrier efficiency and based on past trade corridors to prepare for future transportation demands. Negotiate freight contracts with carriers and reserve ocean and air transport capacity for domestic and international shipments. Management of Transportation Requirements - Manage transportation requirements efficiently from order entry to final settlement. Order processing should be integrated with purchase and procure-to-pay operations.


Cerasis is a transport management system that provides improved visibility and control over the shipping and spending operations. Cerasis also helps with shipping issues by providing solutions for over-the-road transportation management. Cerasis allows businesses to gain control by always knowing where import and export shipments are, as well as save time by eliminating the time-consuming effort of finding the best transport for the freight. Full truck cargo tracking, parcel control, transport management, cargo insurance claims, operator interactions, logistics and distribution, and inward and outward cargo management are among the functions offered by Cerasis. The freight and transportation management feature offers one-time spot quotations.


AscendTMS is a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) for cargo brokerage, shippers, freight forwarders, and shippers, including a completely free membership option for smaller businesses. It can be started using AscendTMS right away from the website, without having to install anything or configure anything. For freight brokerage firms, freight forwarders, and freight shippers, AscendTMS provides complete supply chain management and load management with free actual operator geographic tracking and monitoring, a real world business full truck rate index, real-time portability perspectives of your company, group & office strategic planning, documentation, driver and client access points, and thousands of other free features.


Transportation Management by BluJay is the most widely used public network for importers and transport service providers. It's also an important part of BluJay's global trade network. The BluJay Transportation Management system is really a user-friendly, feature-rich transportation management system. Users benefit from speedier development, large enterprise, and BluJay Solutions' Global Trade Network as a genuine SaaS model. Throughout transportation planning, implementation, resolution, and acquisition, a single platform and workflow enables enhanced efficiency and lower costs. The technology is dynamic and multi, which implies that all clients have access to the same piece of technology.

3Gtms TMS

3Gtms provides order-to-settlement transportation management software to shippers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers, with the goal of easing the process of difficult transportation management. The programme, which is designed as a single system, manages the entire transportation lifecycle, including rating, routing, cross and pooling division optimization, tendering, tracking, tracing, and settlement. 3G-TM transport execution software has embedded optimization to help you make better shipment decisions that take advantage of opportunities and solve challenges. This enables creation, planning, and execution. On-premise, hosted, and SaaS deployment options are available, as well as the ability to alter or re-plan for the optimum cost and routing outcome for transportation managers.

TMS replacement

The Transplace TMS avoids the need to purchase and update the newest version with off software because it is a cloud-based SaaS solution. Customers of Transplace can use any network-enabled device to access the TMS (PC, tablet or smartphone). The TMS integrates with our unique enhanced system, which is responsible for creating "friendly" routes, enhancing load proportion and asset usage, and eliminating waste. It can free up resources to build the core business by automating order administration, shipping optimization, shipment tracking, and overall performance with the TMS. Customers of Transplace can streamline their supply chain.

TMS in a Network

One System Transportation Planning allows for comprehensive and robust transportation planning. The fundamental Real Time Value Network capacity of ongoing and progressive management, which connects plans to real conditions as they change, is used by the transportation planning engine. The Interactive Value Network may build, combine, and aggregate shipments, find continuous move possibilities, optimise dispatching schedules, and even analyse how to best utilise a private fleet, in addition to picking the appropriate carrier and mode. The advantages of adopting ONE Network include: continuous and incremental planning, which means trading strategies are constantly updated in real time.

TMS Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates will provide more flexible order fulfilment options to the customer's selling and sales teams by allowing them to choose the best source location to maximise levels of service across channels, fill orders quickly and accurately, and assist future, more complex fulfilment designs such as merge-in-transit ows to provide separate delivery to the customer. The Manhattan Consultants team collaborated closely with the client to help them upgrade their storage technology, increase efficiency, and improve supply chain visibility. Manhattan Associates' advantages include the ability to manage all forms of transportation, including sea, railway, multimodal, trucks, cargo, package, and courier, as well as consolidate.

TMS Eyefreight

Eyefreight, a leading Cloud Transportation Management System (TMS) supplier, creates cutting-edge software solutions to assist clients gain real economic value from global logistics operations. Eyefreight applications are at the edge of another generation of logistics activities due to the Eyefreight team's commitment to improving performance inside each component of the supply chain. Eyefreight recommends the best shipping delivery plans. That follows business regulations and optimises delivery performance parameters such as carrier cost management, distance travelled, dock utilisation, and emissions. Routing use the most efficient mode of transportation for a particular set of orders.


TMC,  is a unique blend of globalised transportation management system (TMS) technology, transportation operational processes, and consulting services. TMC combines the advantages of traditional TMS technology with 3PL outsourcing, and collaborates with customers to share expertise and risk. Shippers who use managed TMS Services benefit from experience and technology that results in immediate and long-term cost benefits across their transportation networks. Six Sigma-based procedure . This procedure, powerful TMS technology, and onsite TMS power-users who operate as an expansion of the shipper's organisation are all key components of this service.

TMS Infor

Transportation management streamlines import and export shipping operations from order inception through delivery by bringing logistics development and preparation to a higher level of efficiency. It may improve visibility of merchandise in transit and choose the best carriers with transportation management. Using optimization, get freight savings. Join supply chain partners together. Transportation Management manages as well as automates the whole shipping process, including transportation planning. Analyse the origin and destination of inbound and outgoing cargo orders. Based on the limits, determine the most cost-effective approach to move loads.

TMS Kuebix

Kuebix TMS is an inter, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering built on the industry's best cloud technologies, which offers a level of security unparalleled in other solutions today. Shippers can obtain transparency into their transport systems and the data modelling they need to understand, automate, and optimise current processes using Kuebix TMS software. Kuebix TMS software is built on an unified platform that scales to meet the needs with less supply chain all the way up to the most sophisticated organisations. Unlike traditional transportation management systems, Kuebix's dependable TMS offers value rapidly.

Inet TMS

The inet logistics company is the explanation of how businesses may best address locally and globally challenges, as well as the many different participants and expanding transportation volumes, to generate maximum added value across the whole supply chain. It provides cost savings, excellent reliability, and also safety and transparency. This allows it to distribute the items in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Increase the asset utilisation ratio by eliminating superfluous deliveries, streamlining and consolidating deliveries, and lowering inventories to achieve cost efficiencies.

TMS Trimble

Thousands of nimble, prospering companies—large, small, and mid-sized—rely on Trimble transportation management software to keep their prices and products competitive while delivering significant value every day. Transportation management applications, such as shipment implementation and scheduling, findings of the empirical or carrier dispatch software, and some inclusive educational management applications, should assist you in managing and growing the business by providing complete visibility into time and costs, automating routine processes, and notifying  exclusions before they become larger problems. Hundreds of premier corporate and personal carriers, brokers, 3PLs, and other transportation businesses use TMW. Suite as their end-to-end business growth platform.


Allotrac is a seamless transportation management software that provides actionable insights by seamlessly subjecting experience with technical innovation to produce actual results and measurable results. From demand to billing, Allotrac covers all areas of transportation management, and its simple slide system provides real-time control of tasks, drivers, cars, and entire fleets. An straightforward, colour-coded system can organise and track fleets of any size. For repeated allocation, Allotrac retains the vehicles and work histories, and allocators benefit from ever seeing job conditions as soon as they occur.