The Best Logistics Solution For Your ECommerce Business!

Are you owning an online store or selling up as one of the multi-seller marketplaces? What is the major challenge that you face on an everyday basis? What is the one segment that can greatly increase your operational efficiency? However, the industry evolves immensely well for the last five years but delivers products timely and remains as one of the main challenges.

The customer is the king and you must keep them happy since this is the best key towards success for any business. This is specifically true for the extremely competitive e-commerce market. Instead of having one of the best products and most competitive pricing website may easily turn to lose customers if the product delivery is not accurate as per the customer’s requirement. You may assist the best shopping experience to your customers over your web store however once the product leaves your warehouse the things turn no longer within your control. Your goodwill is totally dependent upon the services of the eCommerce logistics companies that you have partnered with.

Selecting up the right shipping partner is quite crucial for any business. It may be the single most important factor to decide the success or failure of your business. If you select an unreliable shipping partner, your customers acquire a bad experience and may move to your competitors. Make sure that you don’t go for too high priced shipping services so that it may not eat away all your profit margins. So, it is very important that every business owner selects a logistic solution for eCommerce after carefully analysing it over certain facts. Ensure that you ask the following questions before you finalise your shipping partner.

Do they assist you with end to end delivery?

Make sure that you check out the end to end delivery channels of your shipping provider. A reliable partner must be the one that can ensure efficient, effective and transportation of goods on time across the length and breadth of the country. Specifically, the courier organisations tie-up with local partners to manage delivery to the remotest areas. Moving goods immediately and safely turn to be of prime significance. Check the first mile, within transit, and last-mile delivery of your partner before you finalise the eCommerce logistics companies for your business.

Do the company offer you Insurance?

Over the average 7-10% of orders get lost within transit and if the item is not insured then the merchant has to bear the cost of the lost product. Within some other cases, deliveries get misplaced and the delivery may take weeks or even months. This basically happens due to an error in labelling, wrong or missing PIN code, infrastructural issues, or some other factors that are beyond the control of the courier agency. It becomes out imperative with the scope that includes every seller to check the insurance policy of their eCommerce delivery service. Never shake hands with any organisation that does not understand its insurance policies, how your shipments get covered, how to dispute, how to file a claim, and how to calculate the value of your parcel to insure it.

Are they Cost-effective?

To get a competitive rate through your shipping partner depends on your order value and the relationship with the company provider. Also, you require paying a good amount in the form of an upfront security deposit. So, inspite of going with so many tie-ups occurs to be always better to select a few reliable partners for shipping and build a good relationship with them.

Are they capable and suitable for your business model and industry?

The shipping requirements of multiple industry verticals may be different from each other as chalk and cheese. For instance, if you wish to run a cake and flower shop, you require intra city quick deliveries. Wherein, an online electronics goods shop requires nationwide delivery coverage. So, depending upon the eCommerce logistics case study of your business needs the best shipping partner who holds specialisation in your industry category.

Do you get a broad coverage?

Not every courier based organisation assists in Pan-India delivery coverage. If you go with a shipping agency that acquires a limited coverage you may lose various customers who are beyond the serviceable area. The alternative turns out to tie up with various agencies that may lead to hefty upfront security payments. You may cut on the costs while reaching out to logistics partners who offer deliveries within the areas where you may get maximum customer density.