Multiple Pickup Locations

Unlimited warehouses to simplify your logistics operation

Online businesses have become a significant part of the retail business across the world. With more emphasis on seamless delivery of goods across vast geographical locations, the need for multi-pickup locations is being felt for better reach and reception. In simple terms, multi-pickup locations feature enables the sellers to define more than one pick up locations so that the shipping agents are able to pick up the shipment from there.

Multi-pickup locations feature is a part of the outbound supply chain management where the seller can specify the location of where the items need to be picked up.

Benefits of having Multiple Pick Up Locations

Faster Delivery Time

Get your products delivered faster at your customers’ doorstep by selecting the pickup location nearest to your buyer’s address. It helps in faster delivery by eliminating the extra transit time.

Lower Shipping Cost

By selecting the nearest pickup address to the delivery location, you also reduce the overall shipping cost. It’s beneficial as the seller ships from a pick-up location that is nearest to the customer’s address.