NDR Management

Reduce undelivery with our automated NDR management solution

NDR or Non-Delivery Report is a notification shared by courier companies specifying the orders which could not be delivered in a certain timeframe. When a delivery agent is unable to successfully deliver the order, which might happen for a variety of reasons like “incorrect address” or “customer unavailability”, the order is marked as an NDR.

  1. Immediate action by courier agent
  2. Reach out to buyers in real time
  3. Handle undelivered orders in one place
  4. Reduce RTO with decreased ND


Incorrect or incomplete address

Incorrect Phone number

Customer rejected delivery

Outside of delivery area

Customer not available

NDR Fake Delivery Attempt

Customer rescheduled delivery

NDR - Customer not reachable


Once an NDR happens, you need to take action immediately and not leave it to courier partner
Here are 5 ways you can reduce RTO after a failed delivery:

  1. Implement an NDR Management solution
  2. React immediately - Any delay in contacting customers after the first delivery attempt increases the chances of RTO multifold
  3. Follow multi-channel approach to reach out to customers in cases of NDRs - manual and IVRS calls, emails, messages, notifications etc.
  4. Incentivise call center teams to convert NDR or failed deliveries to successful deliveries
  5. Use NDR data to select better courier partners for future orders
  6. Incentivise customers to convert cash-on-delivery orders to pre-paid orders before the out-for-delivery attempts