Weight Reconcillation

The Weight Reconciliation tab shows you all the shipments where a weight discrepancy has been raised by the courier.

New Discrepancy: New weight discrepancy generates when there's a difference between your shipment's applied and actual weight.

Dispute Raised: For every new weight discrepancy, a seller has the option to either reject or accept the courier claim. We raise a dispute on your behalf when you reject the applied weight discrepancy.

Discrepancy Accepted: We change the status of your weight discrepancy when you accept the new weight applied by the courier.

Dispute Rejected by Courier: When the respective courier rejects the dispute raised by the seller.

Dispute Accepted by Courier: When the respective courier partner accepts the dispute raised by the seller.

Auto Accept: If a seller doesn't take action, we accept the final weight shared by the courier.

Weight Capturing Process

Our Pickup team is Mentioning Approximate weight and Dimensions and again we are calculating your weight and Dimensions automatically with Highest Technology weight Capturing Shorter Machine.